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        DAHAI|LBC, short for WEIFANG DAHAI LVBINGCHUAN MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD., is located in the World Kite Capital-Weifang City with a beautiful scenery which is within a short distance around 200 km to Qingdao & Huangdao ports. We, DAHAI|LBC Group, are a delicate manufacturer committed to pipe fittings & couplings designing, casting and world-wide supplying business. Right now, DAHAI|LBC has 4 subsidiaries with 3 casting foundries(disamatic molding & casting lines) occupying more than 150 acres and two new inventory facilities along with testing labs under construction which cover more than 40 acres. In total, we have more than 300 employees, including more than 120 highly skilled workers,nearly 30 technical support staffs, 7 qualified casting engineers with a strong lab team. We also have an independent research institute(CNC pattern center) and metallurgical laboratory with the full capability to continuously improve our product design, reliable quality and safety to meet the market dynamic demand and also the on growing global demand. Since the founding stage of our company, we’ve been repeating and applying the concept of military-like systematic management and we combine regulations for human and procedures for production together to achieve our steady growth in the past 3 decades. Through this concept, we gain not only great benefits of utility , accuracy and efficiency in our manufacturing processes, but also the safety for our workers-Zero fatal incidence ever. Weifang City Government reward us as the ‘Outstanding Private Enterprise’ for many years and we’ve also been rated as the ‘Remarkable Brand’ by Shandong Province Government.

        Our strictness in the systematic management with the scientific methods has been a excellent help for our production, also helped us smoothly certified for the British SGS ISO9002 and ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certifications. With the collaboration of the Beijing Xien Management Consultant, we developed and applied the military-like systematic management aiming at higher and higher unity in team work and efficiency in production. To gain our high product’s reputation, we not just strictly follow the industry standard GB5135.11-2006 and different regional standards in the development and production of our products, but also take the international advanced technology in melting and casting, especially the accurate temperature control systems and the furnace component analysis systems for the raw material analysis and control which guarantee our internal quality stability and relatively low cost.

        The introducing of the ‘day-day’ management by the scientific mode, which is known as 6S concept, ensures that products from raw materials to the plant laboratory are flawlessly following the procedures under gradual control and regular check, for the solid absolute that every part and every seal are safe to use and effective in a long term for our customers. As the result of all the effort, DAHAI|LBC has been listed on the National Construction Standard Association Recommend Brands Rank. LBC grooved pipe fittings and couplings with its high quality from the military-like systematic production management have been certified and accepted not only by the domestic market but also the global market. From the year 2012 to 2015, our products have successfully passed the U.S. FM Approval certification and UL certification, as while as the Europe CE verification. In the advantage of reliable quality and outstanding services, LBC fittings have been widely applied to over 1500 projects. With our reputation, we have been recommended for the overseas OEMs due to our stable production capacity and quick reaction towards the regional market. Right now, we attract many customers from allover the world, such as intermediaries from the Europe and UEA. We also supply to the North America OEM market with our capability of fully meeting the customizing demands from our customers. With all the trust from our global customers, we DAHAI|LBC steadily move towards the global markets; With all the reputation we earned through all three decades, we gradually become one of the top finest supplier in the pipe fittings and couplings; With all the partners from our suppliers and buyers, we have and will keep our promises for the growth and great vision in our future. -DAHAI|LBC, A Professional Pipe Fittings and Couplings Manufacturer A Qualified Supplier